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A holistic way to communicate with animals.

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Let us show you how Animal Communication and Animal Reiki can help you:

Animal communication works like telepathy.

All species on this planet are connected in a quantum physics way, by relating at a cellular, energetic way. It is therefore possible to ask animals questions and get answers by making use of this connection. 


My name is Petra Dungate and I use gentle, yet very effective methods that help to increase the quality of your animal companion´s life.

Animal communication can be used to help to find missing animals and to communicate with your departed companion.

My clients have seen good results with dogs, cats, horses and all types of animals.

I attained my core, basic and advanced level of qualifications with Kathy Landry, who also trained me in psychic intuition. Testimonials and references are available on request.

Animal Reiki

Reiki is translated as universal life energy and is a holistic healing system.

I trained in the Usui tradition and have been a Reiki practitioner and teacher for many years. I learned Animal Reiki from the world-renowed teacher Kathleen Prasad.

Discover how Reiki can help to:

- maintain your animal´s health on all levels

- heal physical illness and injury

- aid in emotional healing following trauma, abuse and neglect

- enhance trust and reduce nervousness

- provide support and comfort for dying animals

Animal Reiki and Communication can be applied worldwide, using distant methods and is just as powerful.

Petra Dungate

Call: 07398531943

Ramsgate, Kent UK


Petra with Nala the rabbit

Available Treatments
  • Animal Communication

  • Animal Reiki

  • Support in finding a missing animal

  • Communication with departed companions

  • Healing Trauma

  • Enhance trust

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