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Supporting Animal Charities is very important to me.


My monthly donations:

-£5 to 'hugletts wood farm animal sanctuary´

-£2 a month to Mika's Mutts dog rescue

and I donate to other charities of  that nature when I can. 


I support the following organizations with

free Animal Communication and Animal Reiki :


-  Angels 4 Dogs

- Mika's Mutts Dog Rescue

- The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary

- New Hope Animal Rescue 

- Hugletts wood farm animal sanctuary 

-Tag Pet Rescue

And I also help other animal shelters whenever possible.

I am promoting Veganism to make people aware and to be part of an ever

growing peace, justice and compassion movement which is speaking up for

the animals, the wildlife and the nature. Please feel free to contact me if you wish

to get ideas or support regarding becoming a Vegan. 


My decision to live vegan is out of love for animals and nature

and for our future generations to come.

If you would like to find out more I can recommend the following books & videos:


- The world peace diet - by Will Tuttle Ph.D.

- The vegan source book 2nd edition - by Joanne Stepaniak M.S.ED


- Forks over Knives

- Cowspiracy

- Earthlings

- The Game Changers

- Seaspiracy

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