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Client: Steve Carter

Rate: Excellent

How was your experience?: Petra has an amazing gift... I was astounded the things she told me about my dog and how he felt.. She knew exactly what he was experiencing during a very testing period in my personal life of which he knew exactly what was happening.. If I hadn't had heard myself I would have not believed it!

Would recommend: Yes

Client: Rosalind Bane

Rate: Excellent

How was your experience?: I asked Petra to ask one of the dogs that's in rescue and currently in kennels how he was. What Petra came back with was interesting and some of the things were spot on.

Would recommend: Yes

 Carol James

 R: Excellent

 E: Both my horse and dog had Reiki and also another horse that had a troubled start in life . My dog is elderly and has old mobility issues . He has person issues but not with Petra. The calmness and tranquility within my dog was so lovely to see. The troubled horse was calm and approachable which was something not seen in him .

Would recommend: Yes


R: Excellent

E; Petra did communication with our dog a few years ago and another one recently. We found it very helpful both times. We highly recommend her!



Diana Cox

R: Excellent

E: Petra really loves animals and it really shows in her work. She has looked after my cat Willow when I’m away on several occasions. Willow has been calm and happy when I return. Petra has given Willow Reiki and vocal sound healing as well as feeding her and making a fuss of her. I completely trust Petra to come into my home and to care for Willow and highly recommend her. She’s also really good at keeping in contact which really reassures when having to leave a pet temporarily. Petra has also done some animal communication with Willow which has helped me to understand her better and has improved our connection. Very special.



Tina   St George

R: Excellent

E: I contacted Petra to see if she could find any background about my new rescue dog. All she new was his name. No photo or description given by me. Petra described him as if he was stood in front of her. The icing on the cake for me, was she also had contact from my previous dog who is now in spirit and that I am able to confirm to be extremely accurate.



Beverley Perkins

R: Excellent



E: Petra has been walking and healing Fudge for more than 4 years. Seasonal Reiki has improved the arthritis in his hips dramatically - for an old chap of almost 15 he's exceptionally active. We can't thank her enough!

Alison Lawlor

R: Excellent

E: A thousand thanks to Petra, for helping my cat and myself be reunited, Petra was able to communicate with Hazel when she didn't come home for 48 hrs, Petra told me Hazel was near but she was trapped and I was to stay close by and call her, I found Hazel a few hours after Petra's communication, she had been trapped under some rusty metal caging, but had called out to me under the guidance of Petra.. So thankful and so relieved. Blessings..



Miranda Dunn

Petra. Thank you so much for my Reiki.

I found it helpful and relaxing and you gave Miranda some good advice about my needs  Love . Google(parrot) 37ish Margate 

Ruth Minhall

Petra has proven herself to be a wonderful Animal Communicator. She is sensitive, gifted and works with respect and integrity. Having channeled with a number of my animals (Fred the lab, Magic the horse, scruff the Irish wolfhound and Geoff the guinea pig) Petra has been able to share information that only my animals and I could know. Her communication has brought great comfort and peace, especially with my current Labrador/foxhound, Fred, who is unwell with a brain tumor. Petra’s words have been supportive and, in my view, vital in directing Fred’s wishes and my end of life care for him. It is a wonderful gift to have animals in our lives but to be able to communicate with them in such a special way is a further gift beyond words. How wonderful to know that they are still so close to us even know their physical bodies can no longer be here!

Petra is a wonderful Reiki healer and has helped my dog enormously as he approaches end of life. His physical struggles have certainly been eased with her healing gift, which she was able to do in a distance capacity. My boy seems happier and more relaxed, able to enjoy his time each day without suffering. I would recommend Petra and her Reiki to everybody.

Melanie Lee

Petra is amazing with animals, we had problems with our cat Arlo weeing inside our house, we tried all conventional methods but nothing worked. Petra communicated with our pet and until then we had not realized the causes of her stress- needless to say Petra sorted it all out and we now can leave all the doors open in our house again without a worry.

Petra also helped our dog Dotty heal after she had an injury to her paw. Thank you so much Petra.

Todd Maclaine

Petra has a very special connection with dog communication. Petra done animal communication on my dog snoops. It was very informative and certain things that Petra new about out dog was outstanding and I was amazed with all the answers. Many thanks

Terese Rayburn     FRANCE 

Merci j'ai beaucoup apprécier la communication que vous avez eut avec mon chien nino sa ma permis de mieux le comprendre de ses attentes et de son comportement qui n'est pas facil par moment et je suis très reconnaissante envers vous et jessaye d etre un peu plus d etre attentif Anvers lui un grand merci Thérèse soeur de shyam .


Thank you I appreciated the communication you had with my dog Nino sa allowed me to better understand him of his expectations and behavior that is not easy at the moment and I am very grateful to you and I try to be a little more to be attentive Antwerp to him a big thank you Thérèse sister of Shyam.

Thea Gudgeon

Petra was recommended to me through a chance meeting with a fellow dog walker on a wet Sunday afternoon. My French Bulldog Alfie had suddenly started running off on our walks, and at home seemed withdrawn, preferring his own company to cuddling up with me and my partner. Trips to the vets ruled out any health issues, and we gave him heaps of attention and love. I'd always wished I could communicate with him to find out what was troubling him.

Petra is a very special lady, and her love and respect of all animals is instantly evident. Through her communication with Alfie she was able to convey messages and detail that she could never have known - yet which were instantly relevant to me. I discovered that my nearly 2 year old furry companion is wise, insightful and very sensitive. This whole experience has changed my relationship with Alfie - I have more awareness of his needs, and we have an understanding of where we both are right now.

Thanks Petra x


Frederica Fimognari 

One of my boy had a hip operation few months ago and recently, since Petra started Reiki session, he’s been much happier and full of energy!

I couldn’t recommend Petra more, she is caring, very attentive to all dog’s needs and very flexible!

She is very knowledgeable and happy to share!

Amazing job Petra!!  

Amanda Coupland

Caleb my Romanian rescue dog and Coral my older horse have both enjoyed and benefited from reiki and communication. Petra was fantastic with them. It's helped to know that although Coral has struggled with health issues she is happy and how to help her. Highly recommended

Lucy Evans

My dogs love communications. With Petra she is so insightful very reliable and we trust her 100% she has helped us many times to understand our dogs needs and wants thank you Petra highly recommend x

Cynthia Shyam Scheuch    FRANCE 

I could write a whole page on Petra's interventions at a time when Leaf, my cat, and I needed it the most. Leaf is of a sensitive nature; thanks to Petra's communication, he managed very well the transition from our home in the UK, which had a cat flap and a big garden, to France. Leaf had lived his whole 7 years of age in this house. It was a 2 day drive and we settled in a flat with no garden. Petra explained to him what was happening and he communicated to her his needs  which was of great help. I highly recommend Petra 

Todd Maclaine

We highly recommend Petra from Animal Reiki and Communication, our dog snoops has had a number of reiki sessions, the one he had last week was a distant reiki and it was amazing how effective it was, we could tell the the reiki had started just by the way snoops had all of a sudden relaxed and gone into a deep sleep. We have seen a big improvement with snoops and his movement with his legs as he has issues with them. Many thanks Petra your a star

Jeni Cheek

Petra is totally amazing. So loving and caring - wouldn't trust my beautiful boy Jerry (pics of him on here) with anyone else. Her skills as an animal communicator are impressive and beyond belief as well as her reiki sessions!! I've had a few human Reiki sessions from Petra too - I'm a new woman. Happy dog and happy human. Thank you and lo vs you being part of my family x

Amanda Jolly

Fantastic service. Amazing Reiki on my rescue dog who has calmed considerably since. Very good thank you Petra

Jane Wade

I asked Petra to do an animal communication on my little Jack Russell. After a traumatic event just after Christmas, during which he nearly died, Scamp was having issues resettling into my multiple dog household.

With the information that Petra gave me, I have made a few changes and Scamp is now far more integrated and settled. I would highly recommend Petra to help resolve emotional issues that dogs can have. Many thanks Petra.

Clare Bennett

Petra, was always so kind and giving. She provided both myself and Josie, my beloved Jack Russell Terrier, with the support and healing that helped us both immensely. I trust Petra totally and I know that she is dedicated in her vocation. Thank you Petra.

 Annetta  Keen

My 7yr old Shiba Inu has been having distant Reiki & psychic connection sessions with Petra for several weeks now & after every session Petra updates me with what she’s picked up from up from Teikó which I can confirm is correct! My dog has been diagnosed with ostosis arthritis in his lumber, he’s been diagnosed with having slightly enlarged heart, the vet also saw shading in his abdomen however due to my dogs bloods coming back ok they ruling out any cancer however Petra also picked up he’s something going on which could be benign tumor (which I found interesting as the vet had mentioned this & then without Petra knowing this information she also picked up something in the tummy area!) On my dogs third session that evening, my dog was up in his toy box wanting to play (he’s not been in great place to play with his toys) however after his distance healing with Petra he was more like himself, which I haven’t seen him be like this for sometime! Petra was recommended to me by a lady who was looking for someone to look after her two dogs! I had to decline this job due to my owns dog health however she gave me Petra details…I can not highly recommend Petra for her healing ability, also how she stays connected to update & easy to contact Petra for booking sessions. I hope to introduce my dog to pet in the summer, so he can thank her for the distant reiki, he’s been extremely poorly & Petra been real source of comfort with amazing healing that my dogs been feeling more like himself! Thank thank thank

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: So glad I crossed paths with you!

Sheree Bell

Petra did Reiki on my paralyzed dog, Mitzi, and I am certain it contributed to her recovery (she is almost perfect again now :-)). Petra also did a communication session with my other dog Dolly and Dolly was able to explain how she felt about our new baby and also the fact that she missed having fish and loved her red Christmas stocking (Petra could never have know about those things!). Always a lovely service from this lady.

Mel Taylor

Petra has helped us find out why our puppy kept waking in the middle of the night every night for the last month go to outside. When she communicated with him he told her it was to do with his food. She keeps in touch with you to find out how things are and she is very understanding. Petra also gave our puppy two sessions of reiki healing which has helped improve his sleep too. I would definitely recommend Petra, she is amazing!

 Sarah Hatswell

Speaking with Petra it was clear that she has a real affinity and true connection with animals. I asked her to connect with my Yorkie. The information that she shared was truly amazing and there were certain personal details that she could only have know through my dog speaking with her. I am now so more closely in tune with my dog and feel I have a better understanding of how he is feeling, our relationship is deeper now. It made me so happy to be able to understand my pets needs and to be able to provide an environment where he feels safe and secure. Thank you Petra x

 I'm so pleased that I have been introduced to you

Vicky MacLean

I contacted Petra (via a recommendation from a friend) for guidance with my very nervous Romanian rescue dog Titi.  Firstly, Petra is a really lovely person to be around.  The level of detail she gave me into Titi's world was extremely accurate, and her understanding and interpretation was impressive.  Our session left me feeling informed and reassured and has helped me so much to move forward from a place of feeling so unsure to a more confident and deeper connection with my dog friend.  

Caroline Hill

Petra has helped me in so many ways for which I will always be extremely grateful. She has helped my beautiful, reactive, anxious, rescue dog Bluey, who has improved greatly with communication and Reiki. I also feel much better as my understanding of her problems is improved so I can deal with life around her issues. I'm having Reiki too which is wonderful and is helping with my damaged hip joint. Petra recently found my cat Bonnie who is in her twenties and who disappeared for several days and had fallen from a roof on the farm and dislocated her hip, which she has now had put back under anesthetic and is slowly getting better and eating, drinking and moving around, and is having lots of Reiki which is healing and helping her enormously, she isn't allowed out yet, only indoors atm until her leg which she was hanging from is stronger. Petra also communicated with my two young dogs who were shot and I now know who did this terrible murder. This damaged me considerably and Petra has been incredible in helping me to cope with the loss of my beautiful Honey and her daughter Rosy. Petra is truly an amazingly talented and wonderful person. I'm thankful beyond words that I met her and that she is helping me to move on and enjoy life.

Florian Pfeifer     GERMANY 

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I was in contact with Petra regarding communication with my Lucie, a Doberman/German shepherd mix. Because she had chewed something a few times and was also very anxious. At first I was a bit skeptical. Is it really possible to communicate with dogs? Today I have to say, yes, this is definitely possible. After Petra talked to Lucie, a few things became clear to me. Petra didn't know anything about Lucie, but after she told me what color and shape her basket was, I realized that this can only come from Lucie. It was very helpful and I will use it more often because it allows me to respond to Lucie much better. Now my Lucie listens to my every word or gesture and this after only 8 weeks with me. I can only recommend Petra because she helps us to take a different look at our best companions.

Sabine Pfeifer      GERMANY

Ich war am Anfang sprachlos. Danach auch . Ein Traum wurde wahr,ich konnte mit meinen Hunden kommunizieren. Sogar mit meiner Shorty die verstorben ist.

 Petra ist sowas von einfühlsam,ich könnte ihr Tage lang zuhören.

 Ein wunderbares Erlebnis. Ich habe soviel erfahren. Was mich bei meinen Hunden viel weitergebracht hat. Ich wusste garnicht,was meinen Hunden so wichtig ist. Und sie haben ihr Sachen erzählt,zb dass ich in der Küche ausgerutscht bin,warum sie manche Besucher nicht mögen. Da alle Hunde aus dem Tierschutz sind,war es mir wichtig ihre Ängste zu erfahren. Danke Petra,jetzt weiß ich wie ich mich zu verhalten habe. Von alleine währenich da nie drauf gekommen. Seit den Gesprächen,die über Video call oder Messanger geführt wurden,leben wir ruhig und glücklich zusammen. Petra hat Simeon großes und gutes Herz für Mensch und Tier. Als mein Hund an der Schulter verletzt war,hat Petra ihn durch fern Reiki geheilt. Ach ja,ich wohne in Deutschland. Und wie schon geschrieben , Shorty ist verstorben,was sie sofort gemerkt hat. Jeder der seine Tiere liebt,sollte mal solche Gespräche führen. Ob er Probleme hat oder nicht. Glaubt mir,das werdet ihr nie vergessen. Wir drücken dich aus der Ferne Sabine Shorty J.P und Pebbles


 I was speechless at the beginning. After that too. A dream came true, I could communicate with my dogs. Even with my Shorty who passed away.

 Petra is so insightful, I could listen to her for days.

 A wonderful experience. I have learned so much. Which has helped me a lot with my dogs. I had no idea what was so important to my dogs. And they told her things like I slipped in the kitchen, why they don't like some visitors. Since all dogs are from animal welfare, it was important for me to know their fears. Thanks Petra, now I know how to behave. I never would have figured that out on my own. Since the conversations, which were conducted via video call or messenger, we live together calmly and happily. Petra Simeon has a big and good heart for people and animals. When my dog ​​was injured in the shoulder, Petra healed him with distant Reiki. Oh yes, I live in Germany. And as already written, Shorty died, which she noticed immediately. Anyone who loves their animals should have a conversation like this. Whether he has problems or not. Believe me, you will never forget that. We hug you from afar Sabine Shorty JP and Pebbles


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