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Client: Steve Carter

Rate: Excellent

How was your experience?: Petra has an amazing gift... I was astounded the things she told me about my dog and how he felt.. She knew exactly what he was experiencing during a very testing period in my personal life of which he knew exactly what was happening.. If I hadn't had heard myself I would have not believed it!

Would recommend: Yes

Paola Calise     ITALY

Petra is a wonderful, caring and insightful person. She loves animals and has a special affinity with them, which makes her a great Animal Communicator, thanks to her sensitivity and her ability to tune in with their thoughts and feelings. Her caring and intuitive nature also makes her an excellent Reiki practitioner, both for humans and animals, enabling her to give distant healing, even across the miles. That’s exactly what she did with our cat Lola, even though we live in a different country, she sent her Reiki and communicated with her remotely, helping improve both her physical health and her mood. Petra relayed to us pieces of information that she couldn’t have known, helping us understand better, after many visits at the vet and not having a proper diagnosis, what was wrong with her and why she was so anxious. She also had some practical suggestions about natural supplements and remedies, which we have taken on board and plan to implement soon. Petra is very dedicated to her work and her love for animals is truly genuine. She has a natural gift and I cannot think of a better, more trustworthy person to recommend for your beloved pets, she is the best!

Rosalind  Bane

my experience was very good , petra is a wonderful caring person and I asked for help with my dog Neve . Petra explained to me in detail what Neve was telling her . So I took on board what was worrying my girl Neve. And I have to say we have good progress.

Just that we now know what's worrying Neve and everyday I tell Neve she is coming back after her walk and since then she has been out every day .

Caroline Hill

Petra has done wonderful communications, Reiki and healing. I can't thank her enough from the bottom of my heart. She helped save my cat Bonnie from dying earlier than she had to, thankfully after epilepsy and an operation she's now doing very well for an old feline lady,who is my best friend. I understand the problems my rescue dog Bluey has, because I know how she feels, better. We are now slowly working on those with a very good trainer in Ash, Kent. Petra has helped me enormously, and I always feel good and more able to cope with the problems life throws at me, better and with more strength after a treatment from Petra!

Terese Rayburn       FRANCE

Merci j'ai beaucoup apprécier la communication que vous avez eut avec mon chien nino sa ma permis de mieux le comprendre de ses attentes et de son comportement qui n'est pas facil par moment et je suis très reconnaissante envers vous et jessaye d etre un peu plus d etre attentif Anvers lui un grand merci Thérèse soeur de shyam .

Thank you I really appreciated the communication you had with my dog nino it allowed me to better understand him of his expectations and behavior which is not easy at the moment and I am very grateful to you and I am trying to be a little more attentive to him a big thank you Thérèse sister of shyam. 

Carol James

Both my horse and dog had reiki and also another horse that had a troubled start in life . My dog is elderly and has old mobility issues . He has person issues but not with Petra. The calmness and tranquility within my dog was so lovely to see. The troubled horse was calm and approachable which was something not seen in him .

Sabine Pfeifer       GERMANY

Hello, I'm Sabine . I live in Germany and have 3 dogs with my son. We have had really great experiences with Petra as Reiki or Animal Communication. About 2 weeks ago, our 16 year old dog was the victim of a poison attack. Infinitely sensitive and with all her strength, Petra saved my dog. He was able to communicate with us and that saved his life. Less than a week later, our almost two-year-old was also a victim of poison. And again Petra saved this dog with knowledge, empathy and a lot of love. Even now she still takes care of both of them. Ask how things are going, if she can help, etc. These two dogs are only still alive because of Petra. I am overjoyed and grateful from the bottom of my heart. Best regards, Florian, Lucie, Pebbles, JP and Sabine

Elly           GERMANY

Petra did Reiki with my two kittens. They're fine again, thanks to Petra. I was allowed to talk to my cat through her. I understand him and his nature much better now. Petra is very loving and patient. You can write to her at any time if you have a problem and she will give you valuable help.

 I'm glad I had the opportunity to get to know her.

Todd Maclaine

We highly recommend Petra from Animal Reiki and Communication, our dog snoops has had a number of reiki sessions, the one he had last week was a distant reiki and it was amazing how effective it was, we could tell the the reiki had started just by the way snoops had all of a sudden relaxed and gone into a deep sleep. We have seen a big improvement with snoops and his movement with his legs as he has issues with them. Many thanks Petra your a star

Madhu Smita

 I am honored to have the opportunity to write this review for Petra. On 24th February 2024 my darling companion Shyam, who had incarnated in this life in the body of a cat, was suddenly killed by a dog. The way in which it happened was overwhelmingly traumatic for me and I entered a deep and painful state of grief. I cried and wailed more for him than I have done for anyone, ever. I never saw Shyam as a cat, but as one of God's dear souls dwelling inside the outer covering of a cat (I believe we should see all animals like that). My sadness was overwhelming and it seemed impossible for me to accept what had happened. On the advice of a friend I contacted Petra, although to be honest I felt doubtful that she would be able to help me. Well.... what can I say? Her consultation was astonishing. She said she had made contact with him and she told me many things about Shyam (which were known to me) that she could not possibly have previously known. Of course this gave me faith in the things she would go on to tell me that I did not know. For example, she told me about his experience of transitioning out of his body, where is is now and what he is doing. She told me his karmic journey and about my connection with this soul in past lives (which I had already felt), why he took birth in a cat body and how we are still connected. Most importantly she reassured me that Shyam is in a good place right now and he's happy. She told me many other things too, but I won't turn this review into a long essay. I can wholeheartedly recommend Petra because she has helped me to celebrate Shyam's life and to understand why this happened to him and to me. Although I still miss him so much, I can now feel peaceful in a way that would not have been possible is it wasn't for this consultation with Petra.

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