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Every treatment is unique and tailored to you and your companions needs. Please find my basic pricing below.
There might be additional travel costs if I am coming to you.

Animal Communication

30 mins    £ 40

90 mins    £ 75

Works like telepathy. Useful for: health issues. Emotional difficulties and trauma. Finding a lost animal. Contacting your ascended companion. Getting general useful and helpful information from your animal. This can also be done over the phone.

Animal Reiki

30 mins   £ 30

60 mins   £ 45

Distant    £ 20

Distant Reiki is just as powerful as hands on. You and your animal can be anywhere in the world and it works the same.



Beautiful and empathetic session with Petra connecting with my cat Tigger who left us 3 years ago and Kittyroo our current cat. Highly recommended.

Janet Mcateer - 12.02.2021

Thank you Petra. Some very thought provoking insights from your time with Faro that we can explore further together. Very helpful

Georgina Rooke - 07.06.2020


Petra has been amazing with our rescued cat, Mog.
He has cerebellar hyperplasia and polyradiculoneuropathy, so his fair share of challenges!
Petra has done several reiki sessions and communicated some really important feedback about Mog’s like and dislikes; what helps him and makes him feel more comfortable.
Most recently, Mog had vomited over night and then stopped eating and drinking for nearly two days. His breathing rate had gone up to over 100 breaths/minute and he was whining as he breathed.
We thought he was coming to the end of his life and made him as comfortable as possible and stayed with him all night.
We were due to take him to the vets on the Monday morning (having already contacted them but been told that it would cost a minimum of £700 for a home visit on the Sunday, and there was little guarantee that the vet would have any experience of Mog’s conditions).
We gave him a couple of syringes of water to make sure he didn’t dehydrate.
Petra did a couple of distance reiki sessions that evening and a communication the following morning and within an hour, Mog’s breathing rate had halved! He was pretty much back to normal within a day, improving every minute before our very eyes 
We cannot thank Petra enough. She is so connected with the animals and has a real gift for communicating with them.
We recommend her most highly 

Jo Kidd - 15.03.2020

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